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A Card Bureau Confessional: Who the F*ck is Harry Styles?

Why is Harry Styles Famous

What's the deal with Harry Styles? At 32, I still feel pretty young but one day earlier this summer, I found myself out-of-the-loop on Harry Styles. He was all over social media and I began to notice it more when we started to get requests for Harry Style themed cards. And it seems like I'm not the only one who has been wondering about Harry.

Harry Styles Greeting Card

Here's what we know:

  • He made his debut in 2010 on Xfactor with his band, One Direction (he is not a Jonas brother as I had previously thought, lol)
  • He went solo in 2016 & has become super famous since
  • He has embraced gender-bending fashion (I'm getting Prince vibes)
  • Music is catchy and he is big on treating people with kindness (TPWK)

Harry Styles Birthday Card

He acknowledges his white straight male privilege and it seems like a lot of people find that sexy, including Olivia Wilde who may or may not have left her husband Jason Sudeikis (YES, Ted Lasso) to be with Harry, 10 years her junior. They also have a new movie coming out together soon.

 Harry Styles Christmas Card

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