About Us

The Card Bureau is a design company in Washington DC that was founded in 2016. We got our start in the Capitol Hill neighborhood selling DC themed greeting cards in Riverby Books and East City Bookshop. We just wanted to make sarcastic and relatable cards and gift items that we would buy ourselves that no one was really making. (Probably because we're a little niche). It began as a fun side hustle  to supplement our incomes. DC rent is expensive. But then people actually started to buy our stuff and all of a sudden we had a real business. Since then, the business has grown (in 27 stores and growing). We've had a few popular designs and we've even left our small mark in history. And beyond just designing cards, The Card Bureau allows us to invest in ideas and causes we care about.

Operations Manager

I’m a recovering journalist turned greeting card entrepreneur. I don’t have a design background and I definitely can’t draw but I’m lucky I work with talented people who can. Upon graduating with a political science degree from the University of Michigan, (Go Blue!) I moved to DC and I worked as a journalist for a while. I started The Card Bureau with my friend and coworker, Alissa Scheller back in 2016. We were both working at Huffington Post at the time covering the presidential election. It was a taxing time in our lives and The Card Bureau served as a creative outlet. It started out as a fun side hustle and eventually turned into a full time job in 2018. Though, I haven’t completely left journalism. I really enjoy creating greeting cards and products that speak to people, make them think, laugh and allow them to connect with those they care about. When I’m not making cards, I like to sleep in go for a run, and occasionally bake.


Lead Designer & Operations Assistant

I'm an artist and graphic designer driven by the desire to create. After graduating in 2012 with a fine arts degree from East Carolina University, I moved to DC and started an artist collective, Urban Creations DC. Eventually, we became ceramics dominate and found success in the DC area. I continued with Urban Creations solo, turning it into my personal brand as a freelancer and studio artist. In early 2018, I was introduced to Janie by a mutual friend and was immediately drawn to her boss lady personality and motivation. Thus far, I've really enjoyed helping build a company that enables me to advance my ideas and beliefs through witty designs. Outside of greeting cards, I spend my time exploring Philly and hanging with my dog, Duncan, a rescued Spanish Galgo. Just like me, he spends half his day running at 40 mph and the other half lounging on the couch.


I'm a masters student in contemporary art at the University of Art in Tirana, Albania. I specialize in watercolors and oil painting. I've been drawing and painting for most of my life an have recently started to become more familiar with graphic design. Janie is my cousin and convinced me to join the team and start designing for The Card Bureau. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about American culture and language by way of designing greeting cards. (I now know about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and why the card about student debt is funny in America.) The designs have also inspired me to watch American shows like the Handmaid's Tale and Mad Men. I'm pretty reserved about my art, and designing for The Card Bureau has challenged me to be more comfortable with putting my work out there. For me, it's been exciting to have cards I've designed in stores throughout the US. 



Sales & Product Specialist

I grew up in the metro-DC area and have lived on Capitol Hill for more than a decade. I guess I would describe myself as a jack-of-all-trades. My background includes experience in higher education, journalism, rare books, and a brief stint scooping ice cream. I live in a tall, skinny row-house with my husband, son and my friendly (but loud) miniature Schnauzer. I like snail mail and writing things down on paper.