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Gift Delayed By USPS? Wrap This Instead

You went on The Card Bureau website and found the perfect card, candle or gift item for someone in your life. You ordered it and have been looking forward to receiving it so you can get it wrapped and placed under the tree and surprise your loved one on Christmas day. There's just one problem... you've checked the tracking on your order and it's been days or maybe weeks since it's moved through the USPS system, and now it's looking less and less likely that your package will arrive in time. No need to fret! We've made this little PRINTOUT that you can wrap up and include under the tree instead. Or you might consider going to the product page and printing the product itself and wrapping that up! 

This is our little solution to the delayed package problem. Thank you for understanding that this has been a difficult year for USPS and they are struggling right now to get Christmas packages delivered. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Happy Holidays from The Card Bureau Team! <3 

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