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How it Started: The Card Bureau

The Story Behind the Brand Part 1 -

I started The Card Bureau in 2016 while I worked as a polling editor for Huffington Post. My claim to fame is that we were among the first (if not the first) to create RBG merch. Thinking about Trump for 2 years made me feel hopeless about the political climate at the time, but RBG gave me hope and I thought she might do the same for others. Back then, very few people outside of DC even knew who she was and I had a hard time selling the line outside of a few stores in the area.

It didn’t matter to me, I wanted to create things I cared about and I was persistent. Then, something shifted and everyone knew who she was. The market became flooded with RBG products and large companies with a lot more money than me quickly caught up and became the ones to dominate the retail space. But we had built a loyal following of independent stores and direct customers, including RBG herself (see photo #2 of her favorite birthday card. She signed one for me and the designer, Alissa Scheller). I knew I had something and it felt worth leaving the career I thought I wanted to pursue building a brand that felt true to me and my values.

RBG merch no longer dominates sales for us, but since the beginning, she’s been at the heart of my company and is a guiding force. We continue to make feminist and inclusive products that I’m proud of. It’s taken years of hard work to build The Card Bureau to where it is today. I’ve enjoyed success at times as well as setbacks but I keep at it. I think RBG would approve.

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