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We've mastered the art and science of candle making, but sometimes we get a few candles with imperfections that don't meet our standards to sell at full price. Rather than throwing these “Perfectly Imperfect” candles away, we are selling them at a heavily discounted price. As such, you get access to candles at an amazing discount while helping us become more eco-friendly. 

Their flaws may include things like slightly crooked wicks, tiny air bubbles, discolorations, or bumpy surfaces. These candles burn just as well as our regular inventory, but we don’t feel confident offering them as a finished product at full price.

The scent you get will be at random and derived from our regular inventory of candles. While you can’t pick the scent, it will be a delightful surprise –  like a mystery lollipop flavor. 

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How will I know what scent I'm receiving when I order the Perfectly Imperfect candle? 

A: Short answer: You won't. You will receive a candle at random - but that's part of the fun! We can only assure you that it will be a scent that we already produce in our candle collection. If you've shopped with us before and love our candles, this might be a fun way to try a new scent while spending less! View our full collection of candles here to see what you might get.


Q: Can I return the candle?  

A: Although we allow returns on full priced items, this item is not eligible for returns. If you have questions or concerns, just reach out to us


Q: How does this help achieve zero waste? 

A: When we have an imperfect candle, our options are to either discard it or re-melt each jar which results in more materials used, discarding of the wick and the jar and throwing away any slightly dented metal lids. By offering these to our customers at a discount we can avoid large amounts of materials being wasted over time. 


Q: What kind of imperfections can I expect to see in my candle?

A: When you order an Imperfectly Perfect candle, you may encounter one or more of the imperfections: 

    • Uneven or cratered surface on the top layer of wax 
    • Dents in the metal lid 
    • Small air bubbles in the wax 
    • Wax discoloration due to fragrance oil
    • Off-centered wick
    • Sweating of the scent oils


Q: What if I don't like the scent I receive? 

A: We try to curate fragrance oils that cover a wide spectrum of preferences but we also know scents can be a very personal choice. The element of surprise is part of this candle offering and this may not be for everyone. If you receive a scent you don't enjoy, we recommend gifting it to a friend. If you prefer to choose the scents you purchase, we recommend shopping our regular candle collection where you can read complete descriptions of each fragrance before you buy. 

Q:  Will any of the imperfections impact how the candle burns?

A:  As with all our candles, the first lighting should include a wick trim and remain lit until the wax has melted all the way out to the edge of the glass before blowing out. Let cool completely before relighting. While the imperfections shouldn’t impact their lit performance, if you encounter a deficiency, candles can also be placed on warmers to release the scent.  Be sure to check out our “Let’s Get Lit” instruction card that comes with every candle. 

Q:  How do I keep it zero-waste once the candle has been fully burned out?  

A: The jars can be cleaned out and used in a variety of ways. You can use them to store vitamins, herbs, or ground coffee, or maybe you made some jam and need a jar for it. They can also be used around the house as decor, in the bathroom for Q-tips, or to store your coins. The possibilities are endless. We also recycle glass with our locality where they are then used to make roads and even remanufactured into glass bottles. Check out your local glass recycling center. Our team members often reuse jars and bottles from the warehouse in creative ways. Take a look at some photos below and email us your creative solutions for our jars. 


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